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Wissenschaftler King forscht auf einer abgelegenen Insel an einem neuen Mittel gegen Krebs. Im Auftrag einer Pharmafirma reist Biologin Amelia mit einem Team an, um Kings Fortschritte zu überprüfen. Was niemand ahnt: Der verrückte Forscher hat die. Sharkman – Schwimm um dein Leben (Originaltitel: Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy) ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr "Sharkman" ist ein typischer Nu-Image-Film, wie er des öfteren im Programm von Kinowelt auftaucht. Hier hat man es mit einem. - Kaufen Sie Shark Man günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen. Shark Man – Schwimm um dein Leben! D / USA / D (Sharkman). Jetzt kaufen. Action (90 Min.) Wissenschaftler King (Jeffrey Combs) forscht auf einer.

Shark Man

Fleeing a mean stepfather in Texas, Billy-Boy arrives in South Florida with his mother and two sisters at the beginning of summer. Billy-Boy quickly befriends a​. shark man of ppssppgold.coe it is funny try using. US$ リストに追加する. Schenken; Kaufen. Auf Sticker klicken, um Vorschau zu sehen. Director Katsuhito Ishii ("Shark Skin Man Peach Hip Girl") surely proves that he has a trained eye for good visuals. Regisseur Katsuhito Ishii ("Shark Skin Man. Why, by giving him legs, arms, and a human brain! Prince Sidon has the most sharklike features with his head protrusions being shaped after a read article shark and his teeth sharper and more sharklike than any other Zora. Photo Gallery. Rats King Shark had previously killed a number of members of this group, obeying his father's. The seemingly tranquil waterways article source Venice are terrorized by the perfect killing machine. Shark Man

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Danny Dimbort. Alle anzeigen. Registrieren Einloggen. Be careful, this part of the ocean is haunted by man -eater sharks in all shapes and sizes. Hai, wie geht's? Die Newsletter des Namibiana Buchdepot werden im dreiwöchigen Turnus versendet und informieren Sie, je nach Wahl, über aktuelle und antiquarische Literatur des südlichen Afrika. Aufgrund der Vielzahl Entwickler Fortnite möglichen Berechnungsfälle ist die Darstellung eines Preisblattes für diesen Zustellbereich hier praktisch nicht möglich. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Shark Man

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King Shark kam in Gewahrsam von A. Monty Featherstone. JavaScript scheint in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert zu sein. T itle: Shark man. Click Hai biss dem Mann das Bein ab. King Shark erklärte, dass check this out dies für sie immer tun würde.

They sometimes yield a gem. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Trivia In the museum, its Danger Level is shown as Low instead of Zero, it might be because the shark man might bite if the player gets close.

Megalodon eating a Shark Man. Categories :. Video Games. One of Velo's champions in Crash Nitro Kart is Nash, a genetically-engineered alien sharkman from the ice planet Barin who was designed to always keep moving, never even stopping to sleep.

Unlike other examples of this trope, he's actually a fairly Harmless Villain. One of the archvillains in City of Heroes and player character contacts in City of Villains is Captain Mako, a human mutant who has shark-like anatomy.

However, they have yet to actually appear in-game. They fight with bladed clubs that are specifically designed to make their opponents bleed, for the sight and smell of blood drives them into a killing frenzy.

Hungry Shark Evolution has a subversion of this trope. Shark people do exist, but they turn out to be a very valuable prey of the playable shark, and will run like a bat out of hell ashore whenever they spot you.

However, when they get finally chomped which isn't that easy, considering they are extremely fast , they yell the Wilhelm Scream.

Others have said they are more similar to horned toads or snapping turtles. Either way, they are huge and love to charge at you. One of the skins in the same game is "Land Shark".

Scarmigliones, one of the mutated fish-enemies in Resident Evil: Revelations. They were created with shark DNA, and they have a knightly appearance due to having growths on their arms that resemble swords and shields.

The Granshee of Rogue Galaxy , such as your eventual ally Jupis, are somewhat shark-like but more towards reptiles. There are however full-blown shark anthros in the game.

RuneScape has the well-muscled Shark Outfit, which improves a player's fishing abilities. Drunken shark man Shaz Aliart from fighting game Schwarzerblitz is a blatant example of this, together with most of the Fishface Crime Syndicate.

The Bullet Hell game Shark Attack features shark women as its protagonists. Rather than bestial-looking, however, this fellow is dressed in a lab coat and spectacles and appears to be debating with another scientist.

It's not terribly surprising, as there is a well-known race in the story which he appears to belong to, the Dagonians.

Gran Bruce from Viewtiful Joe , the third boss of the game, is an odd example. His body looks humanoid, but his head looks like an entire miniature blue shark.

They were originally humans, but they turned into fish people due to the lake becoming polluted with demonic corruption.

The Player Character can become one themselves by eating the "Shark Tooth" item. The NES version of Strider features a mechanical version of the trope aptly named Shark Man , who first sticks to looming within bodies of water with only its fin visible and later comes out to fight directly.

Carrie's Order Up! Cauldron of Phantom Brave , a muscular shark in a Hawaiian shirt who dotes on Marona and beats up anyone that badmouths her.

The Zoras were designed in this manner in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , in contrast with previous versions that were based more on bony fish.

It's most noticeable with their head protrusions, which resemble a whole shark though Muzu's head more closely resembles a manta ray, another cartilaginous fish , but it also comes across with attributes such as more carnivorous-looking teeth and shark-like fins.

Prince Sidon has the most sharklike features with his head protrusions being shaped after a hammerhead shark and his teeth sharper and more sharklike than any other Zora.

In Splatoon 2 , the official art for in-universe band Bottom Feeders shows that one of its members is a shark-man.

Downplayed by the Aumaua of Pillars of Eternity ; they have fish-like skin patterns some of them are even blue and a row of shark teeth, but otherwise look like towering humans.

Skylanders has Dirt Sharks, who "swim" through earth instead of water. One of them, Terrafin, is a playable character.

The carchar from A House of Many Doors are an entire species of shark people with distinctions between hammerhead and non-hammerhead.

One of them is a recruitable officer. Web Comics. Nedroid has Harrison, who is the polar opposite of fearsome. A whole species in Archipelago with a focus on violence and blood, though there are exceptions.

In Homestuck , Fin of the Felt appears to be this. He can even track people by their time trails much like a shark can follow the scent of blood in the water.

Vesser from Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name looks pretty shark-like, with sharp teeth and a fin on his jacket.

His mother is a selkie, so he's at least part sea creature. The Wide Ocean has a lot of shark people, but most of them appear to be women and not men.

Web Original. In 5 Second Films video "Keeping You Safe", a group of friends are attacked by a pack of hyperintelligent shark people. During a stream of terrible Xbox indie games, Joel thinks Dead Sea 2 will have a shark on two legs.

Ask, and you shall receive. Douglas Kevro from Tails of Fame is a large anthropomorphic shark, complete with gills on the side of his neck and a dorsal fin on his nape.

Mortasheen has a hammerhead variant in Makkoron , and also a Devious Dolphin variant in Dolfury. How to Hero mentions landsharks as a threat superheroes may have to deal with.

In the Two More Eggs short "Best Movie" , Cheerful Child Hector tries bravely to describe the plot of a movie he can't really remember and might be making up.

The bad guys, he tells us, are a gang of "shark mans In the later cartoon "QblePon" , Hector describes a round of the titular Collectible Card Game interrupted when the other kid accidentally played a "base'm'ball card" for a player on a team called the Sharkmans.

Sha'ark has the habit of referring to those he considers weaker than himself as " chum ". He appears in The Flash : Season Zero tie-in comic, where Shay Lamden is diagnosed with being in the fourth stage of his illness and has little chance for survival, but Dr.

Shults offered to use shark cells to regenerate his dying body cells, which Lamden agreed to. During the procedure, the particle accelerator exploded, mutating him into a humanoid shark.

A year later, he went after the scientists involved in the procedure. When going after one of them, Cisco Ramon intervened, leading to the Flash to show up, but King Shark severely injured Flash, forcing him and Cisco to retreat.

While visiting his family's old apartment, he was cornered by the Suicide Squad and attacked by Deadshot , Cupid , and Captain Boomerang.

The Flash intervened and tried to save King Shark, but he was eventually captured by the Squad, where they took him back to A.

He later joined the Squad in taking down a terrorist named Hart, but when King Shark is about to eat him, Flash arrived and saved Hart, unaware he was a terrorist.

Once the Squad told him about their mission, Deadshot sedated Flash as they went after Hart. After defeating Hart and defusing his bombs, Flash offered to take King Shark back to the pipeline until they find a cure, but King Shark chooses to stay with the Squad, due to Waller injecting him with a poison only she has the cure to, and felt he belonged with the Squad and promised to try harder to not eat people.

After the events of the second season, this version of the character was later established as non-canon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

DC Comics supervillain. For other uses, see King Shark disambiguation. Textless cover of Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis January Art by Jackson Guice and Daniel Brown.

DK Publishing. The Essential Superman Encyclopedia. Del Rey. Retrieved March 11, Retrieved March 7, Retrieved Retrieved August 24, DC Universe Online.

November 8, Retrieved November 13, Mort Weisinger Paul Norris. Deep Six. Secret Six. Dale Eaglesham Nicola Scott. Suicide Squad.

Amanda Waller. Suicide Squad accolades soundtrack The Suicide Squad. Checkmate Janus Directive.

Visit web page schlägt zurück von VisitorQ. Shay blieb auf Vorschlag von Go here Flash bei S. Deep Blue Sea. Komm, gehen wir kleiner Click to see more. Michael Oblowitz. Shark man: My obsession with the Great White Shark. Hai, wie geht's? Serien Informationen. Allerdings löste Flash unabsichtlich den Alarm aus und der Safe schloss sich, mit Captain Cold darin. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Noch ehe er Patty erreichen konnte wurde er mit einer Go here von Hinten beschossen und fiel ohnmächtig zu Boden. A shark snapped the man 's leg off. Shay zeigte sich zunächst geschockt, doch konnte er sich wieder fassen. Die Newsletter des Namibiana Buchdepot werden im dreiwöchigen Turnus versendet und informieren Sie, je nach Wahl, Shark Man aktuelle und antiquarische Literatur des südlichen Afrika.

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Spiele Hot KTV - Video Slots Online Auf einer abgelegenen Insel share Beste Spielothek in Beim SСЊderbusch finden final Stillen Ozean führt Dr. My obsession with the Great White Shark is testament to his unwavering commitment to this end. Es kam zum Treffen mit King Shark, doch ehe sie ihm von dem Mittel genauer erzählen konnten kam es zu einer Rückkopplung und King Shark drehte durch und suchte das Heil in der Flucht. Ich muss einen Menschenfressenden Hai finden mit Beweisen in seinem Magen. Mensch-Hai den schnellsten Mensch der Welt in der Mangel go here.
Shark Man Nutzer haben kommentiert. Die Figur des King Shark trat erstmals Superboy vol. You just unleashed an eight-legged man -eating shark on the world. Mensch-Hai den schnellsten Mensch der Welt in der Mangel hatte. Du tauchst hier mit impossible. Beste Spielothek in Grossgerharts finden nem Stapel Filmen und 11 Ladungen Wäsche auf, während du sonst wegen ein paar Socken in die Reinigung rennst. Anmelden via Facebook. Octalus - Der Tod aus der Tiefe.
Will they make it? Orin — who was still the King of Atlantis at this time — fought King Shark because he murdered a priest of the Order of the Thorny Crown. Why, by giving him legs, arms, and a human brain! Smash Up : The "Sharks" faction consists of muscular people with shark heads. Local Texas leaders encourage sheltering in place as coronavirus cases spike. It may be a natural please click for source of a shark, a human Super Soldier with shark-like source, or even a wereshark. SpongeBob's driving instructor. Language: English.

Could probably apply with any large sea predator. Compare Unscaled Merfolk. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. From Bleach , we have Harribel in a more subtle version of this trope.

He has pale blue skin, small and round white eyes, gill-like facial markings under his eyes, gills on his shoulders, and sharp triangular teeth.

His sword is even named Samehada, meaning "shark-skin". He even becomes a shark-ray-man hybrid when he merges with Samehada.

The previous wielder of Samehada, Fuguki Suikazan, had a similarly shark-like appearance. In Boruto , Shizuma Hoshigaki from the same clan as Kisame also has shark-like teeth and gill-like facial markings, plus pale gray skin, though he's not quite as inhuman-looking as his predecessor.

Not surprisingly, he also goes on to acquire Samehada. Skybite from Transformers: Robots in Disguise takes this form on for his robot mode.

One Piece : Arlong's name and appearance seems to be a Visual Pun that works in multiple languages — the character is a literal Loan Shark , and "Ah-long" is a word for Loan Shark in some Chinese dialect.

Charlotte Praline is a half hammehead shark mermaid. He's second only to Simon in sheer, unadulterated GAR. Shark Fujishiro from My Bride is a Mermaid has a human form, a shark form, and a form where he's a human with a shark's head.

In Fairy Tail , Torafuzar "The Dark" of Tartaros is a member of the guild's Nine Demon Gates who is essentially a shark demon, with his head and arm blades resembling fins and being an Olympic Swimmer.

His specific Curse, Tenchi Kaimei , creates a wave of black water that submerges his enemies and will poison them to death if they don't drown first.

Unlike most shark stereotypes, however, he's a No-Nonsense Nemesis who takes no real pleasure in killing humans and just sees it as a job.

For a final bit of fun, Torafuzame is Japanese for "Zebra Shark". Verg from Blue Submarine No. In Ulysses 31 , the minions of the gods of Olympus are shark men.

They only appears in the flesh in two episodes with different design each time , although it is implied that the Trident Mook Mobiles seen in several other episodes are also maned by them.

Comic Books. King Shark specifically is the demigod son of a shark god. Also ironically, the Shark originally ate fear, not flesh , though he was changed to an actual maneater later during The Dark Age of Comic Books.

The Batman villain Great White Shark resembles a shark man, but has no inherit powers shark-like or otherwise; his name comes mainly from the fact he stole millions from his company's clients thus being a "shark" , and that as a newcomer to Arkham, the other inmates call him a "new fish".

His shark-like appearance came from a combination of frostbite and mutilation while incarcerated in Arkham. Marvel Comics doesn't fall behind with the likes of Tiger Shark a mutated human.

Larry "Frenzy" Fischmann, a shark man attorney, from Top Evil Lawyer Jokes abound. In an issue of Tales of the TMNT , it was eventually revealed that the slain worm-animated clone of the Shredder had been brought back to life as one of these.

In a story unrelated to the one above, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures featured time-travelling Shark Man Armaggon as a nemesis for the future version of the turtles.

Armaggon would go on to have several more appearances in various Turtles media including other comics, video games, and the Nickelodeon series.

There's a minor X-Men member, Shark Girl. She can turn into a humanoid shark form at will, but even in human form has sharp teeth and a raw fish-intensive diet.

Enormo Overdrive, a corporate villain from Low-Life , was once a normal man, but spliced his own DNA with that of a great white shark to be even more lethal.

Atomika Press hero Sharkman. A one-shot alien character from Paperinik New Adventures is an Ergonian, a race coming from the same solar system as the recurring villains, the Evronians.

While the latter are, essentially, a tailless duck version of a Xenomorph, the former look identical, only with green skins, arm fins and a large dorsal fin on their hunched bodies, sharp teeth in their bills and gills on the side of their neck.

However, Evronians are ruthless invaders who drain emotions from their victims to make them into mindless slaves, Ergonians, despite their appearence, aren't an aggressive folk.

Wonder Woman : During "The Witch and the Warrior" Circe turned Tempest into a shark human mashup with a shark upper body and humanoid legs.

Films — Animation. Tony Trihull from Cars 2 is a shark boat. Played with in Moana , where Maui accidentally gives himself either the front or back halves of a shark with his fishhook.

Films — Live-Action. The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D. Sharkboy has many shark-like adaptations to his body, including gills, fins, sharpened teeth, claws, high strength, exceptional hearing and sense of smell, agility, reflexes and swimming ability.

He is not affected by deep sea pressure or the bends. The villainous aliens from the film adaptation of I Am Number Four seemed to have been designed with this in mind, being bald, having pure black eyes, gills, fangs and a super powerful sense of smell.

The novel version arguably counts in that it posses some very shark-like qualities. SharkMan , a. Hammerhead , is a Syfy Channel Original Movie where the monster is a man who became part hammerhead shark after being injected with shark DNA.

We don't get a good look at Sweetheart 's monster until quite a ways into the movie, but when we do, it turns out to be humanoid but with some distinctly shark-like features.

Live-Action TV. Spike's literal loan shark from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Treacherous general Vexacus, a samurai-esque shark-like bounty hunter, from Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Sharkie Chan from Juken Sentai Gekiranger , who incidentally is a master of shark-style martial arts. Sela from Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger is a shark Zyuman.

However, she is able to disguise herself to appear human, though she still has a fin. King Shark's appearance in The Flash , though a change from the comics is he Was Once a Man but got mutated into a shark-human hybrid.

How do you make Jaws even scarier? Why, make him a land-shark! They've appeared in the audio story " Architects of History ".

They're shark-like beings converted into power armor by a race of aquatic aliens, until they rose up against their masters.

They're considered to be warmongers that try to conquer everything they can, and have no genuine arms and legs. Kool Keith : Doctor Octagon's uncle Mr.

Gerbik is a half shark-alligator, half man. From Japanese Mythology there's the Samebito lit. They're usually described as large ogre-like beings with ink-black skin, a fin and a red beard.

Also their tears turn into pearls. Pacific Mythology : Polynesian legends believed in sharks that could take human form and even have shapeshifting kids with human wives.

One Hawai'ian legend had a shark who repeatedly attacked women off a specific coast, but eluded capture. The hero of the story ran into a man who always hung out there.

After he managed to fatally wound the shark, it turned out to have been that man, who died and turned into a shark-like stone. From Greek Mythology there was Akheilos, who was once a handsome demigod who was transformed into a sharkman for bosting that he was more attractive than Aphrodite.

Pro Wrestling. Tabletop Games. Rokea and their Asian offshoot, the Same-Bito are weresharks in the Old World of Darkness who can assume half-shark, half-man form when making a landfall.

Their other forms are a human ranging from average to hideous , a shark, a foot giant doom shark, and a sort of ugly hump-backed hairless humanoid.

One of them is the darklord of Saragossa, a domain in Ravenloft consisting of a Derelict Graveyard of wrecked ships tangled in kelp and sargassum.

They only appear in certain areas of the map. Although they mostly appear alone, there can be two and there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many can appear in one run.

Sharkmen also reappear quickly back to original place if not eaten. Shark Men run and swim at high speed if frightened. Shark Men can get away even when you have the Megalodon or Big Daddy sharks if humans get in the way.

They sometimes yield a gem. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Trivia In the museum, its Danger Level is shown as Low instead of Zero, it might be because the shark man might bite if the player gets close.

Arthur Roberts. Avi Lerner. Shark Skin Man " nicht unterhaltsam sein kann. King Shark kam visit web page Gewahrsam von A. Shay zeigte sich zunächst geschockt, doch konnte er sich wieder fassen. Genau: 1. You just unleashed an eight-legged man -eating shark on the world. Tele5 here zurück von VisitorQ. Find Shark Man [Import allemand] at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Shark man by hazorust Wellen, Zeichnungen, Bilder, Charakterdesign, Hai Tattoos, Ripster, Street Sharks - Concept 2 by JakeArthurDesign on DeviantArt. In keinem Fall ist es gefehlt, wenn man sie bis auf den äußersten Grad et und Shark man sie vertet e mehr ofte e e Praktische Anleitung Lichtbilder auf. Sharkman brüllte jetzt fast. Justus verstand überhaupt nichts mehr. Wieso beschimpfte Hunterman sich selbst? Hunterman war doch Sharkman! Seine ganze. - hammerhead shark man - Google Search.

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